The 22nd Infantry Regiment Society


Who Are We?

The 22nd Infantry Regiment Society is a non-profit veterans' organization dedicated to continuing the heritage and traditions of one of the U.S. Army's finest Regiments, the 22nd Infantry Regiment. Our activities include publication of a newsletter on a quarterly basis, holding a reunion no less frequently than every two years, and participating in mini-reunions, special events, and involvement with the Active Army units on an ongoing basis.

Who Is Eligible For Membership?

Regular membership is open to anyone who has served honorably, or is currently serving, with a unit of the 22nd Infantry Regiment - either in peacetime or in war. Associate membership is available to those who have served, or are serving, in support of the 22nd Infantry Regiment, and to anyone - friends, family, or general public - who has an interest in and support the objectives of our Society.

E-5 and below only $4 per year. Pay via PayPal

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Please consider joining. YOU will be the soldiers to carry on the traditions of

The 22nd Infantry Regiment