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Content for the newsletter is needed. We need your experiences with the 22nd IR for our newsletter.
If you have an interesting story to share about your time with the unit, or just want to brag about the kids or grandchildren, please contact Skip    eqf15@aol.com  If you have supporting photos, they can be used also.


22nd Infantry Regiment Society Officers and Directors 2012-2014

Directors: WWII Jim Nannini, Vietnam David Milewski, Cold War Roger Hewitt, Afghanistan/Iraq Brent McNally

Officers: President Lon Oakley, 1st Vice President Mark Woempner, Vice President-WWII Jim Nannini, Vice President-Vietnam Bill Bukovec, Vice President-Afghanistan/Iraq Brent McNally, Vice President Web Admin Pete Gaworecki, Treasure Martin Oelklaus, Secretary Bruce Gass

Executive Committee: President Lon Oakley, 1st Vice President Mark Woempner, Secretary Bruce Gass, Treasurer Martin Oelklaus

Past Presidents: Immediate Past President Skip Fahel, Past President Bob Babcock, Honorary Colonel Ed Schultz

Appointed Officers: Registrar Brad Hull, Newsletter Editor Skip Fahel, Quartermaster Jim May, Assistant Web Admin Michael Belis, DMOR/HMOR Chairman Ed Schultz, Scholarship Chairman Skip Fahel, Ft Benning Monument Steve Russell, Archivist Ed Schultz, Ft Carson Liaison [1-22] Bob Babcock, Ft Drum Liaison [2-22] Jim May  


Remember Our Brothers On The Battlefield ...

Almighty and Merciful God grant to the "Regulars" of the 22nd Infantry, brave in battle and strong in Faith, who always give example of courage in fighting for God and country alike, and who are ever prepared for the ultimate sacrifice of their lives in Combat, grant them new power, success, and happiness in your all seeing Providence watch over our Battalion. Help our men in all ways so that it can be truly said of them, "They are good Troopers", They are "Regulars". Make them strong and brave, ready to give their best for that cause which their country fights. Watch over and protect them. Preserve them from the wounds and dangers of battle. Keep them proud of their Unit, proud of their Commander, proud of "Old Glory", proud of their Country, so that in war or in peace they may always stand ready to protect the God given rights of This, their America.

- C. 1967 author unknown



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