Happy Thanksgiving all! I hope everyone is enjoying their thanksgiving

> day!

> The med platoon (or as we call ourselves Pain Killers) is doing well and

> are

> morale is high considering where we are. For the most part we are living

> well and are eating well (for some of us too well!). It is hard to

> believe,

> but we have already been here for 11 weeks, so time is flying...somewhat.

> This is the time I am supposed to write something deep and memorial

> thought

> about thanksgiving in Iraq, but to be honest I always considered myself at

> most a deep puddle...I would however like to thank every who have sent

> packages .

> Anc Clarkson our Battalion Surgeon is doing the rest of the pain killers a

> favor by making some of those brownies disappear). There our two groups I

> would like to let everyone to know in particular their contributions. The

> 1st group is our Adopt a Platoon sponsors Martains Point. They have

> already

> sent several amazing packages (ONE INCLUDING AN OLD SCHOOL SEGA, SIMPLY

> AWESOME!) and have continued to be great supporters of us. They are led by

> Melissa Strader, and Nicholea Appleton, again from the Pain Killers THANK

> YOU! The second group is Meg's 4th Grade class. My medics have been real

> lucky to talk to her class via Meg's cell phone since we have been here.

> This has been a real thrill for my guys to be able to talk to her class

> and

> SPC Wilcox was upset that he was busy and unable to talk to the class this

> time around (Damn war is taking up all are free time!). Today (on

> Thanksgiving) we received an awesome banner from Meg's 4th grade class

> which

> is hanging in our office as I write this. When anybody shows up to

> sickcall

> they will see our Pain Killer Banner. Again I would like to thank everyone

> and wish everybody a Happy Thanksgiving.


> I have attached some pictures that I have taken over here in the last

> couple

> of months.


> The First picture is The New England Cheerleaders on an Up armored vehicle

> (this is for Uncle Scott, Johnny Freedom, and Martain's Point Pat fans,

> and

> Zuriff)


> The Second picture is SGT Crauder, SPC Wilcox, SPC Marr, and PFC Dupree

> behind our Pain Killer Banner.


> The Third picture is SFC V, myself, and SSG Roberts behind the Pain Killer

> Banner


> The Fourth picture is a picture of Kirkuk City from an Iraqi Police

> Station

> roof top


> The Fifth picture is Myself with two Mortar men right after an Iraqi

> Police

> station opening.


> The Sixth picture is Myself, SSG Roberts, SGT Hall, SFC V, PFC Bailey, and

> PV2 Jinwright during one of all BBQ