22nd Infantry

22nd Infantry Heritage

Our Society is committed to keeping alive the traditions and heritage of the 22nd Infantry.  Click here for more information. 

Current Active Units

The 2nd Battalion, 22nd Infantry Regiment is the only current active unit of the 22nd Infantry Regiment.  2-22IN is currently stationed at Fort Drum, NY as part of the 10th Mountain Division.


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Deeds Not Words, Regulars by God

Our motto. The soldiers of the 22nd Infantry live by these words. 

Deeds Not Words

Taken from General Order Number 10, announcing the death of Captain George J. Godfery in service to his nation. It reads:

"Captain George J. Godfrey, 22nd U. S. Infantry. Killed in action. Shot through the heart.
His military record is closed. A brilliant career ended. Deeds, silent symbols more potent than words, proclaimed his soldier worth"

Regulars by God

Late in the war of 1812, with much of the traditional indigo blue dye used for the uniforms of the Regular Army unavailable, many units began wearing uniforms of cheap gray fabric normally used by the militia.  In the spring of 1814, facing an ill-prepared British force at the Battle of Chippawa, the British mistook the 22nd Infantry for volunteers and underestimated their will and discipline. It is storied that when he realized defeat, the British commander, Major General Phineas Riall, exclaimed:

 “Those are regulars, by God!”